PREP - Why Are Getting Ready Photos Important?

You might think “it’s only us getting ready, why do we need a photographer there?” But it is soooo much more than just that

Prep is the only time in the day that it will just be you, your besties, and your family. After the ceremony it becomes harder to be all together at the same time. So, prep is the perfect time to get candids of your friendships

It’s emotional. Someone will cry when they see you. Mums, Dads, Best Friends, Siblings,…your photographer. Make sure you have someone there to document all of the feelings! (A reveal to your bridesmaids/groomsmen always goes down well)

Do you all have matching pyjamas? Obviously. If you don’t have a photographer there how will you get photos of all your impulsive Etsy purchases?

Prep is a great time to normalise having me there. No one really enjoys getting their photo taken, and it can feel a little weird at first, but if you have a photographer there from the start of the day, by the ceremony you will be super chilled about the camera

All these photos were taken at Grange Barn which now has The Loft for you to get ready in and it is one of the most beautiful prep rooms I have seen! You get to spend the night before your wedding there, and it’s perfect for you and your besties to have a dance, drink Prosecco, and get all the excited giggles out before the ceremony🙌✨🧡

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