Behind The Lens

As your photographer, I'm there to capture every beautiful, hilarious, tearful moment as they go; and also I'm someone who isn’t afraid to laugh, dance, stand in a bush to get the perfect shot, and celebrate your day with you.

I get to work with the most incredible couples that aren't afraid of running wild! If you are up for chasing sunsets, hot chocolates out of flasks, trekking up mountains, getting your dress muddy, dancing in waves, letting your spirit free and giggling uncontrollably then you will fit in here!

I am a full time wedding photographer *queue auntie Karen asking me if I have a 'real' job* so you know that all of my time is focused on giving you the best experience and photos I possibly can.

A Bit About Me

So, this is me! At my happiest, exploring hidden coves, on my SUP. Every weekend, when my partner FINALY finishes work, we jump in the car and go on an adventure. We are currently making our way through all the Wainwrights!

Photography has always been part of my life, from little disposable cameras, to attempting to photograph my gap year on an Huawei phone (worst decision ever), to studying it at university.

I made the jump from amateur to professional in the summer of 2020 when I started my little business, and wow hasn't it snowballed from there.

I have been privileged enough to shoot weddings all over the country, and even worked in The Alps and Portugal!

My dream wedding to shoot would be a winter wedding in Norway. Imagine it! Snow, mountains, hot chocolates, ice skating, wrapped up in blankets.

'Outdoorsy' doesn't even seem to cover it for me. You are planning your wedding up a mountain? Kayaking on a lake? Surfing on the Cornish coast? Completely off the beaten track? I can pretty much assure you I have all the equipment needed already.

Random & Unnecessary Facts:

Qualified sailor, dual nationality Portuguese & English, self-converted my jeep into a mini camper, star sign: cancer, 'Luis' is pronounced 'Louise' (well kind of), Agatha Christie is my fave author, favourite season is summer, and yes they are my natural eyebrows.

Some of my favourite personal photos:

What you didn't ask for, or even need.