As your photographer, I'm there to capture every beautiful, hilarious, tearful moment as they go; and also I'm someone who isn’t afraid to laugh, dance, stand in a bush to get the perfect shot, and celebrate your day with you.

I'm fortunate to work with remarkable couples who embrace adventure! If you are up for chasing sunsets, hot chocolates out of flasks, trekking up mountains, getting your dress muddy, letting your spirit free and giggling uncontrollably then you will fit in here!

I am a full time wedding photographer *queue auntie Karen asking me if I have a 'real' job* so you know that all of my time is focused on giving you the best experience and photos I possibly can.

Let's embark on this wild, beautiful journey together.

Get in touch, and let's start crafting the visual tale of your extraordinary day.

A Bit About Me

So, this is me!

Photography has always been my passion. From humble disposable camera beginnings to a regrettable stint with a Huawei phone documenting my gap year, to studying it in university.

In 2020, I made the leap from amateur to professional, launching my own photography venture. Since then, it's been a roller-coaster ride of growth, new connections, and unforgettable moments.

I've had the honor of capturing weddings across the nation, and even ventured into the incredible settings of The Alps and Portugal with my couples.

As for my dream shoot? Picture this: a winter wedding in Norway. Snow-laden landscapes, towering mountains, mugs of hot chocolate, and twirls on the ice, all wrapped up in warm blankets.

'Outdoorsy' barely scratches the surface for me. Planning a mountaintop wedding? Kayaking on a serene lake? Venturing far from the conventional? I can confidently say, "I've got the gear for that."

Traveling is my other great love, and I often find myself in Portugal, where my family roots run deep. Some of my most cherished moments include a December sunrise atop Mount Rigi in Switzerland, an unforgettable road trip across California, and spontaneously spending my last euros on a taxi ride with a delightful Scottish couple up to an Italian mountain town, all the while wondering how I would get back down.

These experiences not only broaden my horizons but also fuel my creativity as a photographer, constantly inspiring me to seek out the extraordinary in every corner of the world.

Random & Unnecessary Facts:

Qualified sailor, dual nationality Portuguese & English, self-converted my jeep into a mini camper, 'Luis' is pronounced 'Louise' (well kind of), Agatha Christie is my fave author, favourite season is summer, and yes they are my natural eyebrows.

Some of my favourite personal photos:

What you didn't ask for, or even need.