Behind The Lens

Hi I'm Lara and my job is rather simple - I let you produce the magic.

Photographs have this incredible role of being able to completely transport you back to a moment. A tiny piece of time that is yours to hold, fold, pin up and look at forever, and I'm here to capture it for you.

I take photos that show the genuine spice of life; the laughs, the ugly tears, the cheeky looks. The moments that make life the incredible fusion that it is.

Authenticity is what I strive for. So, if you aren't afraid of; love showing, hysterical laughter, running wild, crying without a tissues or being free spirited, then please please get in touch.

Photography has always been a passion for me; from a little disposable camera, to studying it at university, to finally starting my own little business.

To find out more about me (the human), look just below!

A Bit About Me

So, this is me! At my happiest, exploring hidden coves, on my SUP. Every weekend (when my partner FINALY finishes work) we jump in the car and go on an adventure.

I live just outside of the city of Chester, after spending my early years in West London. Cheshire captured my heart with its incredible countryside, architecture and the loveliest people.

Finding 'home' was difficult for me, I think I was born with wanderlust in my veins. But, after a gap year exploring The States and Europe, I finally arrived to the conclusion, that 'home' is where you make it. So, any chance to jump on a plane, car, train, bus, and go somewhere exciting, I am always down for.

'Outdoorsy' doesn't even seem to cover it for me. You want a shoot up a mountain? Kayaking on a lake? Surfing on the Cornish coast? Completely off the beaten track? I can pretty much assure you I have all the equipment needed already.

Random Facts:

Phobia of condensation, BBQ not Ketchup, half Portuguese, 'Luis' is pronounced 'Louise' (well kind of!), Agatha Christie is my fave author, Caramel latte from Nero is the best.

Some of my favourite personal photos:

What you didn't ask for, or even need.

  1. Me and my other half
  2. My gorgeous Niece, the first time we took her kayaking
  3. My idea of the perfect night out - drinking tea whilst watching the tide come in
  4. Trying to get warm after surfing by drinking a copious amount of hot chocolate
  5. A pretty proud Lara, after climbing to the top of a mountain waterfall


Leela & Nat

“We cannot recommend Lara Luis Photography enough, if there was an option to give a million stars we would! With all the hurdles we have faced with wedding planning over the last year Lara has supported us, We ended up eloping to the Lake District, upon Lara's recommendation, support and guidance. Our whole day was absolutely perfect. Lara is able to capture really candid moments and created some really lovely memories for us on our special day.

Thanks so much Lara, you really were the best! xoxo”

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