Right, let’s get honest, not one person I have ever talked to is super chilled about getting up and talking in front of sometimes 100+ people

But time and time again I see all you lovely people get up and just smash it🙌

No matter how much the nerves are taking over, all the people around you really want to hear what you have to say (provided it’s not a story that should have definitely been kept private)

Just take a moment, breathe, maybe have a drink?, and remember that you were given that platform because you are one of the most important people in the couples lives

As a photographer, speeches are the perfect way for me to capture all of those beautiful candid guest shots, I live for all the giggles, tears, and cheeky looks

My Top Tips For Speeches

  • Either have them before the wedding breakfast or after. Speeches in-between courses might sound like a good idea, but logistically it can be difficult. What if you are running behind? Or the kitchen is running fast? No one wants to watch their sticky toffee pudding go cold whist listening to someone give their speech. (My personal preference is speeches before the meal so that all the tables are clean and the plates and stay napkins don't take away from your centre pieces)

  • Try and schedule speeches before everyone is too tipsy. Slurred speech and speeches don't go well together 

  • Having kids at your wedding? Speeches can be a struggle to sit through for little ones, and no one wants huge ipads out on a wedding day. Make kids a goodie bag to have at the table with them with some colouring pages and crayons, and any other fun small toys in it. Bubbles are always a great hit with kids!

  • Understand that giving a speech really isn't for everyone. Traditionally Best Men would give a speech, but that doesn't mean that the have, or even want, to. Standing up in front of people can be really hard and can cause people a lot of anxiety, make sure your nearest and dearest know that it's a safe space and you only want them to do what makes them comfortable.

  • Book a second shooter. As the main photographer, my job will be mainly focusing on the top table and other close family and friends, as speeches are over quicker than you think and I haven't learnt how to teleport yet. Having a second shooter there to focus on the rest of the guests and get all the other candid moments is just the best

p.s. I’m seeing more and more brides, bridesmaids, maid of honours, mother-of-the-couple doing speeches at weddings and I’m totally here for it⚡️ pass the 🎤 around