How To Have Your Dream Wedding Day

To HAVE the wedding of your dreams, PLAN the wedding of your dreams

My handy tips on how to plan your dream wedding/elopement below!

⚡️Ditch the traditions that don’t fit you - if you don’t like white, wear pink! Or black! Or sparkle your way through your day with sequins! Want to see an awesome bride rocking a blue midi dress? Click HERE

⚡️Don’t invite people you don’t like - if they are your 2nd cousin twice removed and you only speak to them once every 5 years then you DON’T have to invite them (contrary to what your Mum says). Hell you don't even need to invite anyone! Elope if it's the way that brings you the most joy.

⚡️You don’t have to take every piece of advice you are given - just because your best friend did it one way doesn’t mean that way is the way for you. It might be a tricky conversation to have, but they are your best friend, they will want you to be happy even if it's not the way they suggested

⚡️Vibe with your suppliers - These people are there to help you do you! So make sure when you choose them that their style and vibe matches yours. To see my style of wedding photography, view my work HERE. 

⚡️Figure out what is most important to you and make it your priority - Let's say you are a die hard Aries, and you LOVE a party, then focus on making your wedding the party capital for the day. Or, like me, you are a Cancer through and through (or any water sign really) and you know the way you capture and keep the emotions of the day is the most important to you, then focus hard on finding a Photographer or Videographer that will do just that.

⚡️Think about the venue - Why do you want to get married there? Yes, it might be lovely and all your besties might swoon at the thought of getting ready in a big mansion, but do you want a mansion or do you want a sandy beach or mountain top or country cottage. Make sure you are choosing the place that feels right for you

⚡️Shoes Shoes Shoes - Wedding days are LONG days. If you are eloping or inviting 500 guests, you are going to be on your feet the majority of the day. Make a good footwear choice, or choices! Have the shoes that you love and wear them until your feet bleed if thats what you want. But, always prepare to have a back up just incase. For more wedding day shoe tips just click HERE to read more.

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