Couples Shoot


Hey! Thanks so much for being interested in my Couples Shoot model call.

I have quickly put together this page just to help you guys get an idea of my vision for the shoot.

There is a little questionnaire at the bottom that I would be super duper grateful if you could fill in if you still want to be involved!

Image Inspo

(not my images)

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Nitty Gritty Stuff

Thanks so much for getting this far! The final step is just filling out the form bellow, and then I'll be in touch if you have been chosen.

Before you start on the form though, there is a few things that you will be agreeing to by going ahead with the shoot:

  1. You are happy to fill out a Model Release (gives me copy write to the images to post on socials, website, etc.)
  2. You understand that 3 images (of your choice) are included and if you wanted any more normal charges would apply.
  3. You agree to tag @laraluisphotography in any of the images that you post
  4. You are happy to have chats with me about your styling/outfits for the shoot

I can't wait to hear back from you!!

I'm thinking Manchester, Chester or Liverpool

Nothing too crazy, just some smooches and cuddles!

Select all that apply