Feel free to read through all the contracts and ask me any questions you might have about them. Close to the date of our shoot I will send you over a link for you to virtually sign all that applies.

Choosing what to wear

There are particular colours/clothes that will always make for a good photograph. Neutral, earthy colours always look lovely (beige, cream, rust, blues) and textures like denim or knitwear add to a photograph. Patterned clothing can also work well but only if one person out of the household wears it and the others wear a simpler outfit.

If you could, stay away from clothes with large brand logos on or sportswear. I'd also suggest that coordinated outfits look better than matching outfits but in the end of the day I want to take photos in clothes that make you happy.

Outfit & wardrobe

Choosing what to wear is always a tricky task! I am happy to advise and answer any questions you have. So please feel free to send me outfit options!

I am also happy to arrange a phone/zoom call to chat about outfits and locations.

At the end of the day, it is always best if you are comfortable and happy in what you are wearing.

p.s. Some shoot locations might get a little muddy, especially in the winter months, so please double check your footwear depending on the shoot.

During Our SHoot

On the day of our shoot, I want you to be as calm and relaxed as possible. The best photos are always taken when you are off-guard and in the joy of the moment. I will take you/your family for a lovely walk, stopping at specific spots to capture some shots; all the while, chatting with you, playing games with your children and, of course, clicking away.

Usually, at the start of the shoot, I ask you to do a quick little task (just a simple walk back and forth) just to make you comfortable and confident in front of the camera and then we are good to go!

Please let me know if you have any questions about what happens on a shoot either before-hand or on the day