What tO wEAR

There are particular colours/clothes that will always make for a good photograph. Neutral, earthy colours always look lovely and textures like denim or knitwear add to a photograph. If you wanted to stick to the Christmas theme, I would say a deep red/green would work better in the photos rather than bright shades. Patterned clothing can also work well but only if one person out of the household wears it and the others wear a simpler outfit, so maybe one of you put on a lovely Christmas jumper and the rest coordinate around it. If you could, stay away from clothes with large brand logos on or sportswear. I'd also suggest that coordinated outfits look better than matching outfits but in the end of the day I want to take photos in clothes that make you happy.


Christmas Mini Shoots are half an hour long and have quite a fast turn around. I will meet you at a lovely Christmas Tree Farm that will have been selected with great care. We will then have a lovely 30 minutes together, walking through the trees, enjoying the holiday spirit, and I will be clicking away trying to capture your families love and happiness.

Because of the demand on the day, I would really appreciate it if you could arrive to your shoot on time as I can't add any time on that we would miss.